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Lightweight and flexible, our SMART MPBX (Multi-Point Borehole eXtensometer) has six anchor points and an integrated electronic readout head. The small instrument diameter means that the head can be recessed in a 50 mm (2 inch) borehole – no need for oversize holes or reamed collars. It also allows multiple MPBX’s to be installed in the same long borehole. Each instrument is custom manufactured to the length you require, and allowing you to place the anchor locations where you need. They arrive on site ready to install. Just place in a borehole and grout. No assembly required.  Our biggest selling item, the SMART MPBX is in use around the world.


  • Length: up to 100 m
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg/m
  • Borehole diameter: 50 mm minimum
  • Head location: Coller or Toe designs
  • Transducer: linear potentiometers
  • Stroke: 31.75, 63.5, 127, 190.5, 254, or 508 mm
  • Linearity: +/- 2% (1% available upon request)

Features and Benefits

  • Can be monitored WIRELESSLY!
  • User specified anchor locations
  • Compact design
  • No assembly required
  • Multiple instruments can be installed in the same borehole
  • Inexpensive yet ruggedly designed for field use


  • Monitoring of underground excavations including walls and backs of mining drifts
  • Monitoring of walls in open-pit mines
  • Surface crown-pillar monitoring
  • Tunnels and dams
  • Backfill monitoring in underground mines



  • Custom length extension cords
  • Leadwire repair kits
  • MDT-RTU for real-time data collection
  • SMARTLog or SMARTLog3 for non real-time data logging

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