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GMM Connectors

Do you have older-type Ground Movement Monitors (GMMs) in your mine that have bare wires and are not easy to read with the MDT SMART Reader?


GMM Springs

The GMM can also be used to monitor Back to Floor closure. MDT has implemented a simple to use self-retracting spring kit (PN: GMM-SPRNG) that when coupled with a GMM100 eliminates the need to weigh down the GMM.


GMM Collar Plate

Every GMM100 is shipped with collar anchor kit (PN: GMM-CAP). This is a machined aluminum plate that can be glued to the face of the borehole with two-part epoxy or bolted with a Hilti drill/Tapcons.

Our range of high-quality accessories have been carefully designed and manufactured to complement our products.

As a mine operator, you are fully aware of the vital role that monitoring devices play when it comes to ensuring the safety of mine personnel and equipment, as well as maintaining productivity. Make installing, using and maintaining your industry-leading Mine Design Technologies products easy and efficient with these accessories. Using the correct accessories also ensures that your devices function at peak efficiency, saving you time, money and hassle.

MDT accessories are made to the same high standards as our core Geotechnical Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Mine Monitoring Products. MDT industry-leading products have been the choice of top mines located in many different countries for more than 16 years.

The intensive design, research, development and testing processes that are applied to all Mine Design Technologies products result in devices that are extremely precise, durable, and easy to maintain. This has a beneficial effect on mine safety and productivity, and also contributes to overall cost efficiency.