The MDT Digital Logger 4 (MDT-DIG4) is a comprehensive, low-power, long-battery life device that facilitates harmonious data collection from analog sensors. Introducing order to an otherwise manual and sporadic data collection process, the Digital Logger 4 transforms the way mining environments capture data to create a streamlined, cost-effective data collection method. The Digital Logger 4 allows connection of up to four MDT instruments simultaneously, augmenting your current systems for a fraction of the price. Entirely compatible with Worldsensing systems, the Digital Logger 4 eradicates the need to have multiple instruments within a single mining environment. Where multiple sensors and connectors were once a necessity, the MDT-DIG4 saves you time and money by combining this technology into one comprehensive instrument. Compatible with existing Worldsensing technologies, this plug and play solution will boost efficiency while reducing costs.

Designed meticulously with efficiency and safety in mind by the expert team at MDT, the DIG4 works by detecting early movements that help guide remedial actions to ensure safe operation. The robust, small weatherproof box design is rated to IP67, is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of depth, has waterproof coupling glands rated to IP67, and locking retaining ring assembly. The clearly identified connectors and colored cable glands increase effectiveness by reducing the possibility of incorrectly reconnecting sensors, making this the optimal instrument for any mining environment.

The catalog of MDT sensors compatible with Worldsensing is rapidly evolving to adapt to the growing needs within the mining industry with the Digital Logger 4 connecting seamlessly to most MDT sensors. Compatibility includes the Multipoint Borehole Extensometers (MPBX), the Ground Movement Monitor (GMM), the Instrumental Cablebolt (SMART Cable), and Contractometer range of MDT equipment.


The MDT-DIG4 can be easily configured using a USB cable connected to an Android device with the configuration software application loaded. The DIG4 app can be loaded onto any suitable Android tablet or smartphone and includes features adapted to each supported sensor including auto-setup, set up of a voltage threshold to check the power supply received by the sensor, set up of addresses, checking readings in the field, and more. The data collected is stored in the digital logger and shared wirelessly to the closest Worldsensing Gateway.

The MDT-DIG4 comes with a user-friendly Android application, and is low maintenance and consumes minimal power, making it an effective, easy-to-use innovation like no other in the geotechnical world. Simply configure the device, leverage web browser software to deliver instrument readings to the desktop, and export data to Excel for a detailed analysis and report generation support.

MDT instruments have been serving the industry for over 25 years and continue to surpass client expectations due to their reliability, robustness and longevity. Suitable for unattended large-scale projects and backed by excellent customer support, the MDT-DIG4 is no exception.

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Why the MDT DIG4?

  • Monitor up to 4 MDT SMART MPBX’s with 6 anchors (24 separate measurements)
  • Reduce costs by purchasing one node instead of multiple monitors
  • Fully compatible with Worldsensing system; add to your existing network
  • Easy configuration using the Worldsensing app
  • Long range communication through LORA networks


  • Operating temperature: -40 ºC to 80 ºC (-40ºF to 175 ºF)
  • Weather protection: Robust, small weather-proof IP67 enclosure
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Output power: Regulated 12 V DC up to 200 mA in continuous operation.
  • Input: RS485 full or half duplex supported
  • Battery type: 3.6V C-Size