Instrumentation Posted by Mine Design Technologies November 15th, 2020




Lightweight and flexible, our SMART MPBX (Multi-Point Borehole eXtensometer) has six anchor points and an integrated electronic readout head.


SMART Cable Bolt

By combining the support capabilities of a standard 7-strand cable bolt with a miniature 6-wire extensometer, the SMART (Stretch Measurement to Assess Reinforcement Tension) Cable was born.


SMART Contractometer

Based on MDT’s proven and popular MPBX, the SMART Contractometer uses a collapsible structure to allow the measurement of convergence.



New for 2014 is the SMART GMM100 Ground Movement Monitor! The GMM100 is rapidly deployed with no grouting required, to provide instant and cost effective monitoring of primary support regions.



Sloughmeters are used in places where some caving or “sloughing” is expected. Things like monitoring the cave around a stope, or the collapse around an orepass.



The ThermistorString-NTC3K from Mine Design Technologies (MDT) is a rugged, versatile and easy-to-install thermistor string that is fully customizable and manufactured to client requirements.

Our dependable instrumentation solutions deploy the highest precision, so you are able to keep processes under control, even in the roughest of mining environments.

For over 16 years, mines around the world have turned to MDT’s geotechnical instrumentation products to keep mines, equipment and personnel safe and productive. Our SMART line of instrumentation products is designed to maximize precision without sacrificing durability, ease of installation or flexibility in the face of demanding requirements. All MDT instrumentation products are competitively priced, backed by years of successful deployments and supported by our team of engineers.