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Wireless MonitoringAlthough many people assume it to be a modern phenomenon, wireless technology has actually been around for a very long time, albeit in different forms and with different applications.

The term “wireless” was first used in the late 19th century to refer to a technology that later became known as “radio”, which revolutionized long-distance communication by allowing people located far from each other to communicate for the first time without the need for a cable to be installed between the two points.

In the 20th century (specifically during the 1980s and 1990s), the term again became popular, in the context of digital devices that were able to communicate with each other without needing to be connected by a cable.

Fast-forwarding to the 21st century – wireless technology is now widely used in many aspects of daily life and business. Radio and television remain popular for entertainment and information-sharing purposes, and the use of long-range radio receivers and transceivers remains one of the best ways for the crews of ships, airplanes, and people in remote locations to communicate.

In addition, mobile/cell phones have become an essential possession for almost everyone in the developed world. Wi-Fi networks are now very common and can be found in many homes, as well as almost every office, hotel, shopping mall and coffee
shop – basically wherever owners of mobile devices live, work or congregate.

One of the many industries impacted by wireless technology is that of surface and open pit mining. To enhance productivity and safety in these mines, it is common practice to deploy a variety of geotechnical and hydrological wireless monitoring instruments. Of course, these devices only really add value if the data they produce can be easily and quickly collected and acted on. In the past, data collection was often a laborious, time-consuming and manpower-intensive affair.

However, wireless monitoring systems that make use of current technology have really revolutionized this process by making it possible for engineers to have up-to-date information at their fingertips, often by means of an application on a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet, or via a cloud-based option.

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