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Deformation MonitoringA mine tunnel or shaft that begins to deform (change shape) is often in danger of collapsing. Reacting correctly to any deformation that occurs inside the mine can save lives, prevent damage to mining equipment, and reduce production delays.

In order to be able to react properly to deformation, it is necessary first to know where it is occurring and to what extent.  This means that continual deformation monitoring must take place in all vulnerable areas.

Possible deformation inside a mine can be measured with a variety of instruments e.g. extensometers and contractometers. A specialized RTU is also available from MDT that connects to up to 4 Measurand Shape-Accel-Arrays. The SAA-RTU is ideal for measuring tunnel deformation and convergence, as well as general deformation and vibration.

All of the instruments supplied by MDT that can be used for deformation monitoring can also be hooked up to a wireless mesh network, allowing for deformation to be monitored at a central point and appropriate action taken.

MDT also has the expertise to assist with setting up deformation monitoring. Click here to read a case study showing how the right instruments combined with expertise helped a customer solve deformation problems.