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Vista Data Vision

For more advanced processing and analysis capabilities, or to collect and analyze data from multiple sources and instrument types, MDT is now an official reseller of the Vista Data Vision (VDV) software package from Vista Engineering. VDV is an all included data management software for storing and handling data from data loggers and other old devices. VDV offers storage of data, visualization by graphs, real-time displays and data tables, multiple alarm triggers, creation of calculated sensors, fast processing, configurable security access levels, data research capability, automatic reports and comprehensive web service for projects of any size.

Features and Benefits

  • A simple and a quick way to gather the most important project data from multiple sources on one screen
  • Create new calculated variables that are a mathematical function of one or more sensor readings
  • Create meaningful graphs and reports from real-time data
  • Automatically monitors new data on arrival and sends alarms as emails and/or SMS Text Messages to cellular phones if the sensor-values cross the alarm limits.
  • Any number of User Profiles may be created with any combination of Access Rights.
  • Supports automatic integration of real-time data from Newtrax and LoadSensing networks