Built using the framework of our MineMonitor 6.0 database software, MDT now has a completely web-hosted solution for all the data from your SMART instruments. By simply logging into http://data.mdt.ca, you have access to all your data from anywhere in the world in a secure SQL database. MDT takes care of all the backups and makes sure your data is safe and secure at all times. And because it’s web-based, there’s no need to install anything on your own PC and software updates are transparent.

MDT can easily migrate your existing spreadsheets or MineMonitor database to the web-hosted solution, and free trials are available as well. You own your data and can export it anytime for processing in other software, such as Microsoft Excel. We can even add your recent instrumentation purchases to the database for you upon request, to save you time for more important work. And of course the system is compatible with all of your existing SMARTLog or Wireless products, just contact software@mdt.ca to get started!

MineMonitorWeb Login Page


  • Web-based in MDT’s data centre located in Kingston, ON Canada
  • Compatible with Google Chrome (best-viewed), Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer (9.0 or later)
  • Safe and secure SQL database

Features and Benefits

  • Support for all MDT instrumentation
  • Support for SMART Log devices and MineHop wireless systems (contact MDT for details)
  • Import existing MineMonitor database or manual spreadsheets
  • Export data to CSV for import into other software if required
  • Includes graphing functions and email alarm notifications
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile devices


    Contact software@mdt.ca to get started!