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Make your instruments come to life in the palm of your hands with the MDT SMART App. The SMART App provides a user-friendly, seamless interface for interaction with SMART Link-485, SMART Link-BLT and SMART Log devices. Designed to simplify collecting readings from instruments, this software takes advantage of modern Android tablets to configure the instruments and perform data processing on-the-go. Equipped with an MDT approved tablet and rugged industrial-grade protection case, the SMART App allows you to save valuable time by not worrying about collecting and analyzing data again.

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive and user-centered interface
  • Supports both MDT SMARTLog, SMART Link-485 and SMART Link-BLT (Bluetooth)
  • 16-bit data resolution
  • Real-time data monitoring from any MDT instrument using MDT SMART Link-485 and SMART Link-BLT devices
  • Real-time temperature monitoring
  • Real-time graphing
  • Configure and download readings from MDT SMART Log with one touch
  • Instant unit conversion to Metric, Imperial and legacy SMART Reader units (0-500 scale)
  • MDT Drive-Mode to make data collection even easier while driving!
  • Automatic database synchronization with MineMonitor (coming soon)