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Sloughmeters are used in places where some caving or “sloughing” is expected. Things like monitoring the cave around a stope, or the collapse around an orepass. Our sloughmeters use solid anchors which bond with the grout in the borehole. Any ground failure will take the anchor with it, severing the circuit.

Complete with 10 anchor locations, our Sloughmeters are custom-manufactured to any length and configuration required by our customers.

Our Sloughmeter Readers are low cost, and recently re-designed to eliminate the false positives associated with wet holes.


  • Length: up to 200m
  • Diameter (anchor): TBC
  • Borehole diameter: TBC

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 10 user specified anchor locations
  • Simply grouted in place in the borehole to be monitored
  • Low cost
  • Anchor status easily interpreted with 10 indicator lights displayed on SLOUGHReader or SloughReader MC4LX2 V1.0


  • Monitoring over break around the hanging wall of a stope
  • Monitoring collapse around an orepass, and other areas with caving