SMART Link 485

SMART Link – 485

The SMART Link-485 is designed to take the standard analog signal from an MDT SMART instrument (MPBX, Cable, Contractometer) and convert it to a 16-bit digital RS-485 stream of data for use with digital data acquisition systems such as Loadsensing, MST, Campbell Scientific or the MDT SMART App tablet application. It will interrogate the SMART-ID that is contained in each of our SMART instruments and automatically retrieve the specifications such as instrument type, length, number of anchors and their locations, transducer length and initial readings (if configured). This allows a completely plug-and-play solution and helps avoid any user error that may occur during manual recording of data.

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MDT SMARTLink 485 with Dongle
MDT SMARTLink 485 with Dongle


  • Power: 5-12VDC
  • Current: up to 5mA
  • Dimensions: 26mm x 127mm (1″ x 5″)
  • Communication: RS-485, 57,600bps, half-duplex
  • Hardware: 16-bit ADC with 50/60Hz filtering

    Features and Benefits

    • Rugged enclosure designed for harsh environments and can be recessed in borehole
    • Data automatically collected with MDT SMART App and Tablet
    • Compatible with digital systems such as Loadsensing and MST Wireless backbones
    • Interrogates MDT SMART-ID instruments (MPBX, Cable, Contractometer) for self-identification and auto-configuration


      • Digital readings to MDT SMART App via USB connection (or using SMART Link-BLT)
      • Wireless readings when paired with Loadsensing Digital wireless node, or MST Wireless RTU
      • Can be used in addressable mode for connection to Campbell data loggers or PLC’s with up to 32 nodes