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Geotechnical Investigation: Now Android Tablet Compatible!

Geotechnical investigation, whether initial, ongoing, or both, is an important part of a surface mine engineer or civil engineer’s work. Initial geotechnical investigations are generally performed by engineers to determine the placement and status of rock and soil at...

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Adding Wireless Connectivity to Geotechnical Instruments

One of the hallmarks of the hi-tech, interconnected age in which we live and do business is the way in which new technologies are developed and then continue to evolve, often in a direction not envisaged or anticipated by their creators. An example of this is wireless...

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Geotechnical Investigation and Data Gathering

The geology of a site and its surroundings have a major impact on the design and planning of civil engineering, tunneling, mining, and other similar activities in a particular area. Initial geotechnical investigations usually include surveying/scanning, assessment of...

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