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geotechnical investigation

Geotechnical investigation, whether initial, ongoing, or both, is an important part of a surface mine engineer or civil engineer’s work.

Initial geotechnical investigations are generally performed by engineers to determine the placement and status of rock and soil at a surface mining or civil engineering site. Information gathered during this phase is used to design and plan excavations, earthworks, foundations, support measures, and structures.

As part of the information-gathering process, engineers will often install monitoring instruments, like the SMART range from MDT (MPBX, Cable, Contractometer) to build up a bank of data. This information can be used to track the movement of rock and soil, predict likely behaviour going forward, confirm (or disprove) assumptions made in the early design and planning stages, etc.

Generally, digital devices are now used to gather and interpret data gathered during geotechnical investigation exercises, but of course, the SMART instruments installed within rock and soil produce analog data that must still be gathered and converted.

Fortunately, a recent product development from MDT helps to bridge this divide.

The SMART Link-BLT Wireless Module makes taking manual readings, in the past an inefficient, time-consuming affair, quick, accurate, and easy. This device takes the information from the monitoring instruments and sends it via a wireless signal to an Android tablet that has the MDT SMART App installed and is in the vicinity.

No physical docking or other connection between the tablet and the SMART Link-BLT Wireless Module is required. The module will “listen” for a signal from the app on the tablet and, when this is detected, will send data to the tablet.

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