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Civil Wireless Monitoring

Civil wireless monitoring helps to maintain the safety and integrity of large structures.

Civil Wireless Monitoring

No matter how well-designed and well-constructed they are, most bridges, very large buildings and some other sizeable civil engineering projects and structures need be monitored on an ongoing basis. This allows engineers to keep track of their status and spot any potential risks early on, so preventative action can be taken.

A proper, comprehensive monitoring system on a large bridge or building can easily consist of several hundred sensors. Connecting so many sensors to a single monitoring point used to be a huge challenge when all these systems were cable-based. The amount of cable required to wire a full monitoring system can work out prohibitively expensive, takes a long time to install, and can negatively affect the aesthetics of the building or structure.

By comparison, civil wireless monitoring systems are cost-effective, can be quickly and easily deployed, and can be installed in a very discreet, unobtrusive manner.

The Loadsensing LS-G6 system is an excellent choice as the heart of almost any civil wireless monitoring installation. The LS-G6 can easily monitor a vast array of common types of geotechnical, vibrating wire, and other types of sensors. This long-range, fully wireless system offers civil engineers a host of benefits. One of the most important of these is the ability to set pre-determined safety thresholds for various parts of the structure.

If any of these safety thresholds is passed, the LS-G6 will pick this up while it is automatically monitoring sensors and trigger an alarm to notify the relevant people that there is a potentially risky situation developing.