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The recently-released SMART Link-BLT wireless module makes data collection simpler than ever before. When paired with a tablet running the MDT SMART app, manual readings can be easily taken from instruments that that are not connected to a mesh sensor or other type of network.

Collect Data Wirelessly and On the Go with the SMART Link-BLT Wireless Module [infographic]

  • Wireless Multi-Instrument Compatibility. Simply connect a SMART Link-BLT wireless module to any MDT SMART instrument, e.g. multi-point borehole extensometer (MPBX), instrumented cable bolt, or contractometer. The wireless module will automatically sense when a tablet loaded with the MDT SMART App is within range and send it data, allowing for accurate readings to be quickly and efficiently taken without the need for a physical connection to the instrument.
  • Gather Data on the Go. Activate the SMART app’s drive-mode feature and take a drive. The app will communicate with the wireless module as soon as it is within range, collect fresh data, and save it to the database — wirelessly and automatically.
  • Error-free information. MDT SMART instruments now feature an internal ID chip that sends key information (e.g. instrument type, transducer length, positions, anchors, etc.) to the wireless module. This leads to accurate population of the database without the risks of human error due to guesswork or writing down incorrect information.

With all of these great benefits and features, plus a typical wireless range of 20 meters or more and an internal battery expected to last 5 years of longer, the SMART Link-BLT wireless module, paired with the SMART App tablet application, is ideal for taking readings in inaccessible areas, with no need to interrupt operations or cause inconvenience.

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