What is a Wireless Mesh Sensor Network & How is it Used in Mines?

As mines become larger, deeper and operate at a faster pace than in the past, accurate monitoring becomes increasingly important. Collecting data from a range of geotechnical instruments that are often spread over a wide geographical area can be a challenge, especially if the data collection has to be performed manually. In order to increase efficiency and to have data available quickly...

Are You Attending the Second International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring in Tuscany, Italy During June?

For the second year in a row, Mine Design Technologies will be attending the Second International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring in the middle of the year. The course is being organized by NHAZCA (Natural Hazards Control and Assessment), a spin-off company of the “Sapienza” University of Rome, and will be held in Poppi, Tuscany (Italy) from 4-6 June 2015. This...

MDT is Going to the 2015 CIM Convention – Come Say Hi!

This year’s CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) Convention is almost here. For those who don’t already know, the convention will be held in Montréal (Quebec, Canada) from 10-13 May 2015. This convention features presentations by some of the top thought leaders in the industry, paired with interesting workshops. A lot of useful information will be shared, and the...

Our New Website is Live!

We've been working on a new site for the last month, and we're pleased to say it's finally live! What do you think of it? Got any comments or feedback? Please let us know by posting a message below.

SAA-RTU Released for Wireless Monitoring of Measurand SAA’s!

MDT and Newtrax have released yet another RTU for the MineHop network that now supports up to 4 Measurand Shape-Accel-Arrays on one battery-powered box.  The SAAF instrument is designed for monitoring deformation and vibration in the field, as well as tunnel deformation monitoring.  Contact us for more details!

MDT Welcomes RAMJACK as our Distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa!

Having partnerships with some of the most advanced real-time technology producers in the mining industry, RAMJACK is uniquely positioned in Sub-Saharan Africa to be able to solve many of the most critical technology challenges in the mining industry. Real-time monitoring is our specialty and our flagship products from Newtrax, Mine Design Technologies and Salistera make it all possible. Combining the...

MDT Releases the Wireless Vibrating Wire Module – VW-RTU

We are proud to announce the official release of the VW-RTU for the MineTrax wireless system!  This new module will allow the user to connect up to 4 vibrating wire sensors of their choice (from any manufacturer) and transmit the data wirelessly on the same network that collects all the readings from your SMART instruments.  Please contact for more...

MineMonitor 6.0 is now available!

MineMonitor 6.0 has recently been released and is ready for our clients.  Please contact to obtain more information or to upgrade your existing MineMonitor license!  Visit the MineMonitor page for more details:

French and Spanish Content Now Available on MDT.CA!

Our website is now available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish!  We are still migrating the translated content to different portions of the site, so please be patient during this process.  If you encounter any bad links on the site, please report them to - thanks!!

MDT/MineTrax system continues to be a huge success

The MDT/MineTrax battery-powered wireless system has been successfully deployed in more than 10 operations in the past year! The robustness of the system makes it easy to deploy and simple to maintain. If you have too many instruments to read manually, this is the solution for you. Contact for more details and to get a system customized for your...