The MDT SMART MPBX extensometer helps make mine construction and expansion safer and more efficient.

In order to ramp up the volume of ore they are able to process, and therefore increase revenue and profits, mining companies regularly construct new mines or expand existing mining operations. During the excavation and construction of new mine shafts and tunnels, it is vitally important that the geological formations in and around the mine are monitored to minimize risk, keep personnel and equipment safe, and prevent construction delays.

Extensometers form a vital part of this monitoring activity. The deformation data they produce helps mine engineers and construction staff know what is going on around the construction site and can warn them when a potentially risky situation is developing.

The MDT SMART MPBX is a flexible and lightweight extensometer that is easy to install and produces accurate results under all conditions. The integrated electronic readout head can be monitored wirelessly in real-time, making data-gathering a fast, efficient and painless process.

For an example of how the MDT SMART MPBX can be used to deliver tangible benefits during the mine construction phase, read this interesting case study, which deals with the expansion of the Lucky Friday Mine in Idaho.

During the construction of the mine’s new number 4 shaft, Hecla Limited (the owners of the Lucky Friday Mine) had to contend with high levels of ground deformation, especially below the 7,400 foot mining level. This stress required part of the shaft excavation to be changed from round to an elliptical cross-section.

In order to better understand the magnitude and orientation of the deformations, a decision was made to introduce geotechnical instrumentation, including several 33ft (10m) MDT SMART MPBX extensometers that produced useful displacement data during the construction phase.