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Nickel Rim Mine: Brad Simser, Xstrata Nickel

Xstrata Nickel recently used MDT’s instruments at their Nickel Rim Mine to monitor ground displacements around a large garage excavated 1480m below surface.

The final opening is 16 metres wide by 11 metres high and 75 metres long. It was excavated in three passes: 10m wide  x 6.5m high; slashed to 16m x 6.5m high; and finally breasted to 11m high by 16m wide.  In the first pass, they employed MDT’s 10 metre MPBX instruments to monitor movement caused by the second and third pass mining. “We needed the instruments to make sure that ground support systems were holding as we expected” said Brad Simser, Ground Control Engineer at Xstrata Nickel. “MDT’s instruments did the job perfectly.”

Xstrata also used three short and three long MPBXs for long term monitoring in the final back of the excavation. With MDT’s instruments in place, Xstrata can monitor any minor movements in the back and decide if they are small issues or more deep seeded concerns. “MDT made it easy to address small problems before they became major issues and we should be able to avoid the extremely difficult task of fixing an 11m high back.”

Eventually the instruments will be hooked up to MDT’s wireless monitoring system by Newtrax and get the readings in real time on surface.