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Piezometer Monitoring

Piezometers, in one form or another, have been in use for some time to measure water pressure within surface mines. The use of piezometers allows engineers to monitor the status and behaviour of open bodies of water and groundwater.

Even if a piezometer is able to provide information to a datalogger, this is not truly an end-to-end digital solution because collecting and transporting the data to a point where it can be utilized and acted on is still done by manual means, i.e. a personnel member must visit each piezometer well to collect the data.

However, we can now bring piezometer monitoring firmly into the digital age by connecting an array of piezometers (along with other vibrating-wire and geotechnical sensors as required) to a comprehensive, fully wireless data acquisition system like the Loadsensing LS-G6 System.

Deploying this type of system makes piezometer monitoring in a surface mining or similar environment much more efficient by drastically reducing data-gathering time, making it possible to monitor piezometers far more regularly, and with a lot less hassle, than if done by manual means.

This efficiency extends to the handling and use of the data, too. Because data is easy to obtain, interpret, and act on, its value as a tool for monitoring and decision-making is increased. This has an impact on overall productivity and safety levels within the mine or other facility.